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ING NYC Marathon

Posted in Marathon on November 2, 2009 by amandacharlotte

Today was the ING NYC Marathon.  It was the 40th running of the marathon here in NYC, and I was incredibly lucky to experience it firsthand from my volunteer post at the finish line.  I was passing out food bags to the 40,000 marathon finishers. 

This is a picture from our station:


The volunteers waiting for the onslaught of runners: 


Have no fear we didn’t stand around waiting for very long.  Once the runners arrived we didn’t stop handing out food and water until after 5:30pm.


It got a little dicey around 4 or 4:30pm when we ran out of food bags and consequently water (since the bags contained a bottle of Poland Springs water, a bottle of Gatorade, a PowerBar, a bagel, an apple, and Emerald Nuts almonds.  Luckily they rushed in extra Gatorade and water bottles that we handed out to the finishers along with extra sandwiches from the volunteers’ lunch.  

It was incredible to wish each runner congratulations.  I can’t wait to run the NYC marathon next year, and I know that I will be very thankful for all of the volunteers and all of the work that goes into putting an event of this magnitude together…let’s just hope they still have food when I cross the finish line.