ING Financial Fitness Series Finale

I attended the ING Financial Fitness Series Finale this evening at the ING Cafe on 58th & 3rd.  It was a great event meant to inspire the marathon runners and give them a chance to ask some last-minute advice from the experts.  There were two guest speakers:  Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer for Runner’s World magazine and AC Morgan, a  Timex athlete who now competes in Ironman triathlons after surviving a plane crash in ’98 that broke his back and burned most of his body.   

Bart Yasso was a great speaker, highly motivational and very entertaining.  He told a couple anecdotes about his experiences running marathons.  One was about running the Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon in Moshi, Tanzania.  He said despite running the race in approximately 2 hours 40 min (I can’t find his exact time), he was considered fat and slow.  The finish line and clock had been removed by the time he finished, so he tracked down the officials to ask why they didn’t wait for him.  The official laughed and replied, “What were you doing, picking flowers?” 

Yasso also described his experience running Badwater from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA, a 135 mile race through the desert.  At the time he completed the race it was actually a 146 mile race.  I’m still working on getting my head around doing my triathlon and maybe a marathon.  Running an ultramarathon through the desert sounds impossible!  Now that being said, I will leave you with the quote that Bart Yasso closed with at the event, “Never limit where running can take you.”


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