Fundraiser – December 3rd – No Idea Bar

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Fundraising Party for
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Thursday, December 3rd

6:00PM – 9:00PM
No Idea Bar
30 E. 20th Street (Between Park & Broadway)
$15 cover
 Includes one free drink & a donation to Team in Training


4 Mets tickets

4 Jets tickets

$100 tab at No Idea Bar

$200 gift certificate for Bobby Van’s Steakhouse

Dinner for 2 at Los Dados
If you can’t attend, please donate at:

ING NYC Marathon

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Today was the ING NYC Marathon.  It was the 40th running of the marathon here in NYC, and I was incredibly lucky to experience it firsthand from my volunteer post at the finish line.  I was passing out food bags to the 40,000 marathon finishers. 

This is a picture from our station:


The volunteers waiting for the onslaught of runners: 


Have no fear we didn’t stand around waiting for very long.  Once the runners arrived we didn’t stop handing out food and water until after 5:30pm.


It got a little dicey around 4 or 4:30pm when we ran out of food bags and consequently water (since the bags contained a bottle of Poland Springs water, a bottle of Gatorade, a PowerBar, a bagel, an apple, and Emerald Nuts almonds.  Luckily they rushed in extra Gatorade and water bottles that we handed out to the finishers along with extra sandwiches from the volunteers’ lunch.  

It was incredible to wish each runner congratulations.  I can’t wait to run the NYC marathon next year, and I know that I will be very thankful for all of the volunteers and all of the work that goes into putting an event of this magnitude together…let’s just hope they still have food when I cross the finish line.

Fundraising Update

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Just wanted to give a quick fundraising update.  I’ve raised $1280 so far, which is 28% of my goal.  Thank you to everyone who has visited my fundraising page for Team in Training and donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Your support means the world to me and even more to those affected by these diseases.  Thank you again!

ING Financial Fitness Series Finale

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I attended the ING Financial Fitness Series Finale this evening at the ING Cafe on 58th & 3rd.  It was a great event meant to inspire the marathon runners and give them a chance to ask some last-minute advice from the experts.  There were two guest speakers:  Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer for Runner’s World magazine and AC Morgan, a  Timex athlete who now competes in Ironman triathlons after surviving a plane crash in ’98 that broke his back and burned most of his body.   

Bart Yasso was a great speaker, highly motivational and very entertaining.  He told a couple anecdotes about his experiences running marathons.  One was about running the Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon in Moshi, Tanzania.  He said despite running the race in approximately 2 hours 40 min (I can’t find his exact time), he was considered fat and slow.  The finish line and clock had been removed by the time he finished, so he tracked down the officials to ask why they didn’t wait for him.  The official laughed and replied, “What were you doing, picking flowers?” 

Yasso also described his experience running Badwater from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA, a 135 mile race through the desert.  At the time he completed the race it was actually a 146 mile race.  I’m still working on getting my head around doing my triathlon and maybe a marathon.  Running an ultramarathon through the desert sounds impossible!  Now that being said, I will leave you with the quote that Bart Yasso closed with at the event, “Never limit where running can take you.”

Marathon Week Kickoff

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I just finished the Poland Spring Marathon Week Kickoff 5 mile race in Central Park.  It is a great race because the finish line is the exact finish line of the ING New York City Marathon which will take place one week from today.  This race allows you to have the chance to see what it will feel like to run those last few miles and cross the finish line of the marathon.  Obviously 5 miles does not compare to the 26.2 miles that they will be running next week, but it is still a great run.  Since it kicks off the events of Marathon week here in NYC, everyone had so much energy and it was a great race.  I would really like to run the Marathon in 2010 or in 2011.  I think that it would be such an amazing experience.  I certainly have a long way to go to complete my triathlon first and then to move on to training for a marathon.  Especially since the race today was not my best performance.  I haven’t gotten my official time, yet, but I did about a 10 min/mile pace.   I hit snooze a couple times this morning and didn’t have a chance to eat anything before the run.  I always feel like it is much harder for me if I don’t fuel up before the race.  I was also running late and ended up taking a cab to 72nd & Central Park West, so I wouldn’t be late for the race.  Luckily I was in a particularly social mood this morning and struck up a conversation with another runner and shared a cab with her.  We even decided to stop the cab and give another runner we passed a ride, too.  It was such an interesting morning.  I think I just found 2 new running partners since we all live in the same neighborhood and run roughly the same pace.  

I’m volunteering next Sunday at the ING NYC Marathon passing out food at the finish line.  I’m so excited to be a part of such a great day.  Today was inpirational, but next week it will so amazing to see everyone cross the finish line.

NYC Marathoners as they cross the Verrazano Bridge connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn

Running in the cold

Posted in Triathlon on October 19, 2009 by amandacharlotte

The weather forecast this morning was 42 degrees with wind gusts up to 28 miles per hour.  I contemplated hibernating and not working out at all, however, somehow I mustered the energy to get out there and run anyway.  I did a couple quick loops of the Reservoir in Central Park.  It felt like I was running an obstacle course as I tried to avoid the puddles while almost being blown over.  I’m hoping that winter will go away and let us actually have an autumn this year.

Morning workouts

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So I actually made it to the gym this morning before work.  It was incredibly difficult getting up before sunrise, but it felt great all day knowing that I had completed a 50 minute workout already.  It also helped that I was doing my workout at posh Equinox. 

This photo is an early morning shot of the Meatpacking District in NYC…not quite what my neighborhood looks like, but still captures how deserted the streets are in the morning as the sun starts to rise.  Early morning is my favorite time of day for enjoying the calm of the city.  Not a big fan of getting up early enough to experience it, but when I am up it is wonderful.